Corporate Retirement

Synergy Financial Group provides Comprehensive Retirement Plan Services and Advice on either a fully bundled basis, or on an individual or combined consulting services basis. We can assist 401(k) plan sponsors with the following services:

  • Plan Design and Implementation Assistance
  • Investment Analysis and Recommendations
  • Ongoing Monitoring of Investment Options
  • Fee Benchmarking
  • Vendor Comparative Analysis / Alternative Vendor Search
  • Plan Conversion / Transition and Integration Assistance
  • Employee Communication and Enrollment Meetings
  • Coordinate Development of Employee Education Policy Statement
  • Investment Policy Statement Review
  • Compliance Education to help you manage Fiduciary Liability

The retirement plan world is swimming in regulations and rules. Plan sponsors, in their role as qualified plan fiduciaries, have the duty to act in the best interest of the plan and its participants. As members of LPL Financial’s Retirement Plan Consulting Program, we benefit from having access to the Retirement Plan Consulting Group, an internal advocacy team, allowing us to offer investment fiduciary plan-level services.

Let us help you reach your corporate retirement goals by serving as your co-fiduciary with respect to plan investments.

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