Reflecting on the Boston Marathon Tragedy

We hold all of the victims of Monday’s tragedy at the Boston Marathon in our thoughts and prayers.  As you know, on Patriots’ Day, a plot was carried out against the great city of Boston and a symbol of our country’s strength and pride.  As is almost always the case, the victims of this tragedy were innocent bystanders.  These innocent victims were either athletes striving for greatness and victory or their family, friends, and supporters who were selflessly celebrating their accomplishment.  The courage and kindness of these individuals represents the best of that city, and as Americans we are deeply saddened by this tragedy.

Today, however, thinking about the LPL Financial Boston office, which is just over one mile from the finish line of the Boston Marathon, we should also celebrate strength and courage.  The Boston Marathon itself is a celebration of strength and community and, going back to the original Marathon, a demonstration of heroism.  The runners who lined up Monday morning represented elite athletes as well as the everyday heroes and champions among us.  Many of these individuals have overcome personal obstacles and challenges to run.  Many were carrying the flag of hope, kindness, and charity for others.  Many of the onlookers were strangers applauding the success of runners that they have never met. 

Monday, those who plotted to spread fear and hopelessness were met by a city and a country that never fails to step up to a challenge.  Cowardice faced a city that rushed forward to help its fellow citizens, instead of turning away.  From bystanders and emergency personnel rushing in to help even before the smoke cleared, to an incredibly prepared and heroic medical community, to race finishers offering to donate blood to the injured after running for hours — heroes appeared from all corners.  As Americans, we share in that city’s grief over these events, but also feel great pride in that city’s demonstration of compassion, courage, and resilience.  Indeed, that compassion was felt from all over the country, with offers of support flooding in immediately to Boston.

It is at times like these that we should all take a moment to reflect on the things that are truly important in life.   Today, as we try to return our lives to some level of normalcy, we keep those who were hurt in our thoughts and prayers, thank the heroes who stepped up to save lives and help the Boston community in its time of need, and hope those who are investigating this tragedy find the answers quickly.

Our resolve as a country should remain stronger than ever.

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